Our Expertise

We offer a range of company secretarial services, including statutory maintenance, amendments to articles, rights issues, registered office and directors service offices, and general power of attorney. Our clients range from independent private limited companies to large multinational companies. We also work with many firms of accountants and lawyers who trust our company secretary expertise and competitive pricing to take care of their clients company secretarial support.

Suzanne Alves

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Corporate Compliance Services Menu

Basic Company Administration

  • Appointment of Director/Secretary
  • Resignation of Director/Secretary
  • Allotment of Shares
  • Transfer of Shares
  • Change of Registered Office Address
  • Change of Accounting Reference Date

Statutory Maintenance and
Annual Compliance

  • Annual Secretarial Maintenance
  • Dormant Company Maintenance
  • Filing of Confirmation Statement (with/without amendments)
  • Filing of Dormant Accounts
  • Reconstruction of Company Registers

Certification and Legalisation Services

  • Certified Copies of Documents
  • (Bundle/Singular) (Solicitor/Notary)
  • Certificate of Good Standing (Standard/Express)
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • FCO Legalisation (or Apostilling)
  • (Standard/Express)
  • Embassy Legalisation

Share Capital and Restructuring

  • Redesignation of Shares
  • Creation of Employee Shares
  • Creation of Preference Shares
  • Subdivision/Consolidation
  • Redenomination of Shares
  • Share for Share Exchange
  • Reduction of Capital
  • Bonus/Rights Issue
  • Redemption of Shares
  • Purchase of Own Shares from Reserves/de minimis exemption
  • Purchase of Own Shares from Capital

Company Name, Status, Constitution, and Technical Drafting

  • Change of Company Name
    • Company reregistration:
      • — Public to Private
      • — Private to Public
      • — Unlimited to Limited
      • — Limited to Unlimited
    • Adoption/Alteration of Articles:
      • — Pre-emption rights on transfer
      • — Pre-emption rights on allotment
      • — Compulsory transfers
      • — Good/Bad Leaver
      • — Drag/Tag Along
      • — Professional Body Clauses (e.g. ICAEW)
  • Shareholders’ Agreement
  • S.168 Removal of a Director
  • Bespoke minutes and resolutions
  • Company Restoration