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Office and Address Services

Enhance your corporate image and protect your privacy with our office and address services

Please note, all additional services are subject to due diligence.
Registered Offices

Stanley Davis Group provides a registered office service for companies in the UK and Ireland, from £300 a year. Every UK company must have a registered office in the country in which it’s registered, as all communications and notices from Companies House and HMRC will be sent to this address, and our registered office facility includes forwarding any official mail received from Companies House and the Inland Revenue.

Service Address

Every company director and company secretary is required by law to have a service address: an official correspondence address on public record, at which they’ll receive mail from HMRC and Companies House. Stanley Davis Group’s service address facility is useful for directors and company secretaries who do not have a UK address or who wish to keep their residential address private.

Virtual Office Service

Stanley Davis Group central London address is available as a mail forwarding service that limited companies can subscribe to receive both official and unofficial mail. We can also provide a complete virtual office solution with mail forwarding facility, phone line options and a dedicated fax line.

Service Cost (per annum excl. VAT)
Registered Office Service From £300
Service Address Service £90
Mail Forwarding Service £300
Dedicated Phone line £300
Non-dedicated phone line with greeting message £180
Dedicated fax line £300

IT Services

Once we have incorporated your company we can help you make it internet ready. We offer a complete range of electronic services from registering your chosen domain name to providing a business website and full suite of email.

Domain Name

Your domain name is the name of your website, and root of your company email addresses.

Check your chosen domain name now, prices start from £15.00

Domain Hosting

Once you have registered your domain name you will require a host for your domain. This is where all the data from your website and your emails will be stored.

We can provide high speed, responsive web hosting for all your website and email requirements.

Windows - £518.40
Linux - £345.60
Linux (India based server) - £144

Business class email for the professional with your chosen domain name, inbuilt virus protection, 5GB storage per account, and a web based administration panel

Email Account £17.28 per year per person.

Open a Business Bank Account

To help companies get up and running, we offer bank account referrals during the company formation process. We have partnered with a range of High St and Challenger banks to suit every businesses needs. You will be shown a selection of banks during the checkout process that are tailored to the new company. Two of our partners and their banking benefits are listed below:

Lloyds: 18 months Free day-to-day

Open a business bank account with Lloyds and you'll benefit from:

  •   18 months free day-to-day business banking
  •   Manage your account at any time via a secure mobile app and internet banking portal
  •   Register for free SMS text alerts
  •   Dedicated support from a UK-based business management team
  •   Access to tools and insight, using Business ToolBox and Business KnowledgeBox

Cashplus is the UK's original challenger to high street banks. Cashplus offers:

  •   Instant Banking – Account number and sort code ready to use
  •   No barriers – no credit checks to open your account
  •   Pay in & withdraw cash at any UK Post Office
  •   Integration with Accounting software
  •   No monthly fees – just £69 annually

You must be a UK resident and forming a company limited by shares (LTD) or a limited liability partnership (LLP) to take this bank account.

Lloyds Business Bank accounts are subject to normal bank credit and money laundering checks.

Trademark Registration

Your company trademark is important. It is how the public perceive your company, your corporate identity, and as such it needs to be protected so that it cannot be undermined by your competitors. At Stanley Davis, we search, register and offer expert advice on trademarks in the UK, European Union and worldwide.


Following a discussion of your requirements we will offer a complimentary consultation to advise you if your trademark is compliant with requirements of the trade marks act. We will then conduct a thorough search to identify any similar marks which might be registered in the UK, Europe or globally.


Trademark application and registration; it is possible to register throughout the European Union, or in a range of different countries, with a single application. If the mark is considered prima facie acceptable for registration it is published to the Trade Marks journal. Provided there are no objections after three months a certificate of registration is issued to be valid for ten years.

Post registration

We advise on post registration care of your trademark, including assignment, licensing and infringement. We also offer a monitoring service to protect your mark after registration, ensuring no new similar marks appear on the register that may dilute the distinctive nature of your mark.

VAT Registration

We offer a complete VAT registration and administration service for companies that meet the registration requirements, and those wishing to register in anticipation of meeting the requirements.

Which companies are required to register for VAT?

Companies with a VAT taxable turnover in the UK above £83,000 for a consecutive 12-month period, are required by law to register for VAT and submit regular VAT returns and payments, as are companies in the EU but outside the UK, which supply more than £70,000 of goods to the UK in a year. Companies that distance--sell excise goods such as alcohol and tobacco are required to register for VAT, irrespective of the volume of sales.

VAT Registration Service

Cost £240 (Excl. VAT)

We will help you with all the requirements for VAT registration

Registration is given at the discretion of HM Customs and Excise and takes 6-8 weeks

VAT Administration Service

Once registered, the company must complete a quarterly VAT return form, with any VAT due being paid by the end of the following month. Penalties for late submission of the returns are harsh. The UK Customs & Excise can exercise their rights of access to the books and records of VAT-registered companies at any time to check the accuracy of the returns, which often happens when repayment is due.

We offer a complete VAT administration service and will act as your representative with HMRC.

Cost £480 a year (Excl. VAT)

Includes completing, signing and submitting quarterly returns

We manage inspections and enquiries from HM Customs and Excise

If required, we will advise on how problems associated with maintaining a VAT registration can be minimised